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Why Your Pet Needs Health Insurance

Every January, many of us start the new year with a health insurance plan designed to help us in case of a medical emergency, surgery, or illness. These plans include a number of benefits (and financial protection!) for our two-legged family members – preventive care, prescriptions, emergency room visits, specialist care, you name it. But what about your four-legged family member? Are they protected in 2020?

Pets are an essential part of any family. Dogs and cats travel with us, sleep in our beds, listen to our stories, and are woven into our daily lives. Pets are treated more and more like children – and just like kids, they require annual checkups and on occasion, specialist visits, and emergency care.

A big misconception about pet health insurance, and a reason many families do not research the topic more, is cost. In reality, insurance for our furry family members is much less than the cost of human health insurance, and a portion of the cost of an emergency room visit or surgical procedure. Many pets can be insured for only $40-60 per month. That’s less than a coffee each morning or a sandwich at lunch!

Why You Should Invest in Pet Insurance

1.  Accidents happen. It doesn’t matter how well you take care of your pet – injuries and illnesses will occur. Whether it’s a kitty cat that eats something they shouldn’t or a torn cruciate ligament in a pup, emergency room visits can be expected. A pet injury or illness can lead to an unexpected expense but having a pet insurance plan in place helps your family recoup a large percentage of the costs.

2. You’ll never have to decide between your pet’s health or your wallet. Choosing whether or not to have emergency surgery or treating a chronic illness can be one of the hardest decisions for any pet owner. With pet health insurance, you can remove the financial aspect of the decision and decide what’s truly best for your fur baby.

3. You can pick an insurance plan that fits your budget and veterinary healthcare needs. Your family can select a plan that includes annual wellness exams, accident coverage, illness coverage, advanced care, and more. Whatever you need, the plan is out there for you and your pet. Click here to compare popular pet insurance plans.

Here at AEHV, we gladly accept most pet health insurance plans. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about specific plans and what is accepted at our veterinary hospital.

Once insured, you are sure to experience a reduction in stress just thinking about how to cover your pet’s care. We will help you with claims for reimbursements and provide whatever your carrier needs to process a prompt payment. Your main worry should be your pet’s recovery. Not paperwork.

Don’t have Pet Insurance? AEHV Offers other Payment Options

If you don’t have pet insurance and experience a veterinary emergency, we can still help. Our emergency exam fee is very reasonably priced, and we accept all major credit cards, approved checks, cash, CareCredit and Scratchpay.

Provide Your Fur Baby with the Care They Deserve

Pet health insurance is a great way to help provide needed care at AEHV, visits to veterinary specialists, and your primary care veterinarian in cases of illness and injury. Protect your furry best friend today!

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