Emergency Veterinary Services

We’re More Than An Animal Emergency Hospital

While most animal emergency hospitals focus on tending to your pet’s immediate need, we are able to go a few steps further. In fact, we love helping pets and their families so much, we continue to bring in new technologies and attend regular continuing education so we are not only well equipped but can also confidently treat and resolve a wide variety of conditions.

When appropriate, we will refer a patient to a veterinary specialist if that is the best option. However, quite often we are able to provide just the right diagnostics and treatment for those pets who present with something that requires more advanced knowledge and expertise.

Choosing Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia means together, we can do more to help your pet when they need it most – cost-effectively and without waiting for an opening at a referral center – and we’re here 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Emergency & Critical Care Services

Learn about our services here at AEHVAnimal Emergency Hospital Volusia (AEHV) is the resource you and your pet’s primary care veterinarian may turn to in case of emergency. As a modern, newly-built hospital (in 2013), we have all of the latest diagnostic equipment and we are experienced in treating all types of veterinary emergencies.

Learn more about our veterinary emergency and critical care services.

Veterinary Surgery

Surgical procedures performed at AEHVSeveral of our emergency veterinarians have done extensive training and now have years of experience with many advanced surgical procedures.

That is why we offer a full range of surgical services and special procedures for your pet.

Learn more about our surgical procedures.

Diagnostics & Imaging

Veterinary Emergency Fees Are Higher Than Your Typical Primary Care Clinic – Here’s WhyA successful treatment for your pet begins with an accurate diagnosis.

Learn more about our diagnostic capabilities and imaging modalities.

Pain Management

Pain Management and laser therapyAt Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia, we offer laser therapy, a proven treatment that humans have benefitted from for decades. And the best part is, no sedation is required, it doesn’t hurt and can be used in conjunction with other modalities.

Learn more about our pain management services.

Medical Boarding

We provide boarding for dogs and cats with special needs while you are away.

Learn more about our medical boarding services for pets.