Medical Boarding

Cat and Dog Medical Boarding in Ormond Beach, FL

Cat and dog medical boarding in Ormond Beach, FL

Boarding For Pets With Special Needs While You Are Away

We love a good play date as much as anyone, but that’s not what you will find at AEHV. Instead, we offer cat and dog medical boarding to focus on caring for those pets in Ormond Beach whose family needs to be away and are worried about who will tend to their pet’s special needs.

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  • Do you have a pet that is diabetic and insulin-dependent?
  • Does your pet require daily medication?
  • Is your pet older and require help with mobility?


These are just some of the reasons clients choose to board their pets at AEHV. With a full staff, including a veterinarian, on the premises 24-hours a day, you can count on us to make sure your pet will be well attended to when you can’t be there yourself.

Ask about our Medical Boarding options for your fur kids and rest assured knowing they are well-loved while you’re gone.