The Top 5 Holiday Pet Hazards and How to Avoid Them

This year, many Floridians decided to decorate their homes for the holiday season early – and with good reason. After a long year full of uncertainty, we can at least count on the holidays to lift our spirits and give us renewed hope for 2021. And, who loves the holidays, the food, and the decorations […]

When Your Pet Requires Emergency Care


At Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia (AEHV), we understand it’s not always easy to determine if your pet’s late-night injury or illness requires an emergency visit to our animal hospital. That’s why our veterinary team wants to share some of the most common signs and symptoms our furry friends experience when in need of immediate medical […]

Veterinary Surgery Tips: Pre & Post-Op Care

If your pet requires surgical care, it can be stressful for you and your family. But know you are not alone! Your veterinary healthcare team at Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia (AEHV) is here to support you along the way with some quick surgery tips that will help you navigate pre-op and post-op care. How to […]

How to Prepare Your Pet Sitter for an Emergency

After months of staying in, many pet owners may be feeling the itch to escape their home office, need to travel to visit family, or even find it necessary to schedule a work trip. No matter the reason for travel, if you are leaving your furry family member behind with either a close friend, neighbor, […]

How to Avoid – and Treat – Snakebites in Pets

Snakes – love them or hate them, they are part of living in Florida, no matter the time of year. Whether you are walking around your neighborhood, a park, or a nature trail, you must pay attention to your surroundings to protect you and your pets. Before heading out on your next walk or hike, […]

Water Safety Tips for Pets

June is here – which means fun in the sun and relaxing days near the water. If your four-legged family member is joining you at the beach, relaxing by a pond, or cruising the waterways on a boat, make sure you know how to keep them safe. Not All Dogs Were Born to Swim While […]

How to Keep Pets Stimulated at Home

After long periods at home, it’s quite common to see pets exhibit signs of cabin fever (yes, they can get it too). Dogs become anxious and cats become bored – often leading to unwanted or destructive behavior. If your pet is chewing, scratching, or destroying much-needed toilet paper and paper towels, it’s time to provide […]