From Food to Decorations: Top Thanksgiving Hazards for Pets

dog sneaking food off kitchen counter

The holiday season is upon us and while we enjoy holiday-themed drinks, festive decorations, and more time with family and friends, we should also keep an extra eye on our pets. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we wanted to share the top dangers presented to pets around this time of year. Avoid a pet emergency […]

Healthy Pets, Happy Lives: A Journey to Overcoming Pet Obesity

overweight dachshund

We all fall victim to those puppy eyes. It’s almost as if we can hear our pets say, “Please give me another treat!” While offering treats here and there is no problem, too many treats can easily pack on the extra pounds, unintentionally causing unnecessary weight gain and related health issues. Pet obesity is a […]

Protecting Your Pet’s Paws: A Guide to Preventing and Handling Burns

dog paws

We know all too well how the heat and humidity affects our pets. The scorching sun can turn asphalt, sand, and concrete into dangerously hot surfaces. Just like we take measures to protect our skin from the sun, it is crucial to safeguard our pets’ paws from getting burned. A 90-degree day can send the […]

Essential Tips for Safeguarding Your Pets During Hurricane Season

cat in carrier

Hurricane season is here, and preparing for the worst-case scenario can mean the difference between life and death. The Atlantic hurricane season officially began on June 1st and typically lasts until the end of November. The six-month season is expected to see between 12 and 17 named storms, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric […]

Weathering the Storm: A Guide to Calming Your Pet’s Thunderstorm Anxiety

dog hiding under bed

Does your pet struggle with anxiety when a thunderstorm is in the forecast? The bright strikes of lightning, disturbances in the atmosphere, and loud crashes of thunder can cause even the bravest pets to hide under the bed. In our area, thunderstorms are a normal occurrence, so it’s important to have tools and coping mechanisms […]