Preventing Fall and Winter Pet Toxicity

Although fall in Florida doesn’t often mean striking fall leaves, sweater weather, and fancy hot drinks, those who live here can see the subtle signs of a changing season. Cooling temperatures and pumpkin spice everything let us know that fall is here. You may also notice your neighbors in their yards and garages getting ready […]

Feline Urinary Obstruction: A Surgery Spotlight

If you’ve been a cat parent for any length of time, chances are you have heard about urinary obstructions, or cats being “blocked.” These terms refer to a life-threatening blockage of the lower urinary tract, which prevents a cat from being able to urinate. Unfortunately, this condition is relatively common in cats, and although urinary […]

Beat the Heat: Avoiding Heat Stroke in Dogs and Cats

You’re at the beach, and your dog is running around with another young dog having a great time. After about 5 minutes, you notice your dog panting heavily, drooling, and appearing weak. He doesn’t want to jump into the car for the ride home. You lift him in, and he seems subdued and quiet on […]

Fourth of July Pet Health and Safety Tips

The Fourth of July often means backyard BBQs, fun with family and friends, and fireworks. Of course, we love to include our pets in celebrations and family time. But for them, these same celebrations may mean stress, fear, an upset tummy, a veterinary emergency, or they may even become lost after escaping from the house […]

Saving the Whole Family: Disaster Preparedness for Pet Owners

Devastating natural and human-made disasters can occur without warning, and can greatly affect our lives. In Florida especially, we are no strangers to hurricanes, floods, and more. You may have thought about what your human family would and should do in the event of a disaster in your area, but have you considered your pets […]

Danger in the Water: Preventing Blue-Green Algae Toxicity in Pets

It may be only April, but warm weather is here – and more is on the way! And if we know anything about Florida pets (and pet parents) it’s that they love to get outside whenever possible. With increased time in and around water, there’s one hazard that we see on the rise at our […]

Welcome! Our New Veterinary Emergency Hospital in DeLand is Finally Open

Here at AEHV, your pets are our priority. The furry family members who brighten your lives deserve the possible best care, which is why our team of experienced emergency veterinarians and professional support team devote their lives to giving them just that. But for a while, we’ve been hearing, both from you and from our […]