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Looking for a New Pup? You’ve Got Options – Rescue, Adopt, Purchase…

We always encourage adoption as there are so many incredible pets in shelters just waiting for a loving home. As animal health professionals, we get to meet and care for so many animals that have somehow been rehomed due to no fault of their own. And most of us have an adopted animal (or 10) […]

Keeping Pets Calm During Fireworks: A Fourth of July Survival Guide

two dogs hiding under a blanket

One thing we know for sure about pets – some of them do not cope well with loud sounds. Thunderstorms, fireworks, and cars backfiring can all send our animals into an anxiety-ridden frenzy. According to Pet Amber Alert, “more pets go missing around the 4th of July than any other time of the year, and […]

Emergency Preparedness for Pet Owners: A Comprehensive Guide

dog waiting in the trunk of a car next to bags

Living in the Sunshine State means preparing for its share of unwanted surprises—tropical storms, hurricanes, floods, and the occasional wildfire can all pose threats in our area. When disaster strikes and nature does its worst, keeping your pets safe and secure in the event of an emergency is a necessity. Whether you’re a seasoned resident […]

Ear Infections 101: What Pet Parents Should Know

cocker spaniel laying in grass

Whether your pet’s ears stick straight up like antennas, flop down low to the ground, or jut out to the sides like baby Yoda, they’re part of what makes our furry family members who they are. But when your dog or cat is having trouble with their ears in the form of an ear infection, […]

Battling Bloat: A Guide to Understanding and Recognizing GDV

golden retriever eating from a bowl of food on the floor

Our pets can’t tell us when they’re sick or injured, which is why it’s so important to be in tune with what is normal, or not, for your pets. But gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), has signs and symptoms that are hard to ignore. Keep reading as we dive deeper into what GDV is, ways to […]

Healthy Tails, Happy Hearts: Pet Health Goals for the New Year

girl walking a German shepherd

The start of a new year is a popular time of year to set goals, intentions, and resolutions. While it’s a great time to reinvent yourself and your habits, it’s also the perfect opportunity to invest in your pet’s quality of life and focus on goals you may have for your furry friend, too. Don’t […]

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