What to Expect When You Visit Our Emergency Veterinary Hospital

brown and white being checked by veterinarian

Imagine your loved one is experiencing a health crisis. You rush them to the emergency room, and as you do, you feel stress, fear, and even pain running through you like lightning. When you arrive, those feelings might become heightened, since due to pandemic restrictions you can’t accompany your loved one past the front door […]

Springtime Health Hazards for Pets

dalmation puppy in field of flowers

The sunshine, warm breeze and longer daylight hours are beckoning – spring has sprung! But before you hurry outside to enjoy it with your pets, make sure you’re aware of some of the most common springtime health hazards for dogs and cats. Plants & Flowers: In springtime, many of the earliest plants to bloom are […]

When Your Pet Needs Surgery

dog surgery cone of shame

Nobody wants to think of their pet having to go under the knife. But in some cases, surgery is necessary for dogs and cats, either in an emergency situation or to remedy a non-life-threatening injury or illness. Thankfully, several of our emergency veterinarians have done extensive training and now have years of experience with many advanced […]

Breaking It Down: How to Handle a Pet’s Broken Tooth

Have you ever chipped a tooth? If you’re nodding, chances are you either bit down on something too hard or had a painful impact with something – think hockey puck. In pets, the same injury can occur, often in similar circumstances. Well-meaning pet parents may give hard chew toys to their dogs to amuse them, […]

How is an Emergency Animal Hospital Different from a Primary Care Veterinary Clinic?

In human medicine, patients see their primary care physician for routine wellness care, colds, and other minor health conditions. But when an emergency occurs, patients must visit the emergency room for advanced or specialized care. The same can be said with pets. The main differences between an emergency animal hospital, such as Animal Emergency Hospital […]

The Top 5 Holiday Pet Hazards and How to Avoid Them

This year, many Floridians decided to decorate their homes for the holiday season early – and with good reason. After a long year full of uncertainty, we can at least count on the holidays to lift our spirits and give us renewed hope for 2021. And, who loves the holidays, the food, and the decorations […]

When Your Pet Requires Emergency Care


At Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia (AEHV), we understand it’s not always easy to determine if your pet’s late-night injury or illness requires an emergency visit to our animal hospital. That’s why our veterinary team wants to share some of the most common signs and symptoms our furry friends experience when in need of immediate medical […]