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How to Prepare Your Pet Sitter for an Emergency

After months of staying in, many pet owners may be feeling the itch to escape their home office, need to travel to visit family, or even find it necessary to schedule a work trip.

No matter the reason for travel, if you are leaving your furry family member behind with either a close friend, neighbor, or even a professional, don’t forget to have a plan in place in case of a pet emergency.

Emergencies are well…Emergencies and Unexpected. Always be Prepared.

Whomever you choose to watch over your pet, always prepare them before leaving your home by following these simple tips:

Discuss your pet’s daily routine. This allows your dog or cat to remain on the same schedule while you are gone and reduces stress and anxiety. Plus, your pet sitter can observe if something isn’t quite right while you are on your trip.

Leave a list of medications and health-related issues. If your pet requires medication, make sure your sitter is comfortable administering it and can do so at the appropriate time each day.

Write down specific instructions on what to do in case of a medical emergency. Always make sure your instructions include our 24/7/365 emergency care number (386) 252-0206and consent for the pet sitter to approve and pay for medical care if you cannot be reached.

Compile and place essential documents in a central, easy-to-find location. These documents should include current vaccination records, contact information for your primary care veterinarian, and your pet insurance policy if you have one. Make sure your pet sitter knows where this information is located before leaving your home.

Last but not least, discuss COVID-19 safety protocols – especially crucial for professional pet sitters who may have other sitting jobs. The safety protocols should include how many other homes or public locations your sitter is visiting per day, what safety and sanitation rules you would like for your home, and who will care for your pet if your sitter becomes ill during your trip.

By preparing for your trip with these five simple steps, your pet sitter will feel more comfortable – and you will have peace of mind while away from home.

Safe Boarding Options for Pets with Special Needs

For the furry companions that require daily medication, suffer from chronic illnesses, or have mobility issues, it might be best to have them medically boarded here at AEHV. With a full staff, including a veterinarian, on the premises 24-hours a day, you can count on us to make sure your pet will be well attended to when you can’t be there yourself.

Know that AEHV is Here for Your Pet 24/7/365

The emergency care team at Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Appointments are never required for emergency services – but we suggest you call (386) 252-0206 in advance, if possible, so we can prepare for you or your pet sitter’s arrival and discuss our latest COVID-19 care protocols and curbside services.

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