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How to Keep Pets Stimulated at Home

After long periods at home, it’s quite common to see pets exhibit signs of cabin fever (yes, they can get it too). Dogs become anxious and cats become bored – often leading to unwanted or destructive behavior.

If your pet is chewing, scratching, or destroying much-needed toilet paper and paper towels, it’s time to provide some excitement and fun. Here are a few tips to help keep your furry friend safe and stimulated while at home.

Get fresh air. If you have a screened pool enclosure or lanai, or a fenced yard, allow your pet time to enjoy the outdoors in the warm Florida sun. If your outdoor area is open, grab your pet’s leash and go for a walk around your neighborhood. (You need vitamin D too!)

Play fetch. Grab your dog’s favorite ball and play a game of fetch down a hallway, across a room, or up and down the stairs. Fetch is a wonderful activity for dogs because it’s fun, stimulates their brains, and provides physical activity to keep them at a healthy weight.

Grab the laser light. Chasing a red beam around a room not only keeps your kitty entertained, but it provides exercise after a long catnap.

Provide treat puzzles. Working for a treat is great for both cats and dogs. It stimulates their minds and keeps their brains sharp.

Hide and let your dog seek. Put your dog in a sit-stay command, hide their favorite toy in another room, and then release them from the command to sniff out the toy. Hide and seek not only tires out the most energetic pup – it allows them to play a fun game with their favorite person, you.

Teach new tricks and break bad behaviors. If your dog doesn’t always sit on command, or your cat continues to scratch the couch, now is the ideal time to teach new commands and break unwanted behaviors. Learning new things is a fantastic activity for a pet’s mind.

Buy a new toy. Nothing makes a pet happier and more playful than a new squeaky toy or play mouse – so jump online and do some shopping.

Help Keep your Pet Safe While at Home

Keeping your pet stimulated at home is not only good for their mental and physical health, but it also helps keep them safe. When dogs and cats become bored, they often investigate household items that are toxic and downright dangerous.

We encourage you to take the time to pet-proof and poison-proof your home while you are still inside more than usual.

If you did not read our past article dedicated to pet poisoning prevention, take a moment to read it here. It provides valuable information on common cat and dog poisons, as well as symptoms of poisoning.

A small amount of preparation goes a long way when it comes to pet safety.

AEHV Continues to Offer 24/7 Emergency Care

Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia remains open to provide 24/7 emergency and critical care services to Volusia County pets. If your pet requires veterinary care, we ask that you contact our team at (386) 252-0206 to receive information on our latest safety protocols.

We thank you for your continued support – and like always, stay healthy and safe.  

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