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Keeping Pets Calm During Fireworks: A Fourth of July Survival Guide

One thing we know for sure about pets – some of them do not cope well with loud sounds. Thunderstorms, fireworks, and cars backfiring can all send our animals into an anxiety-ridden frenzy. According to Pet Amber Alert, “more pets go missing around the 4th of July than any other time of the year, and noisy fireworks are to blame.”

Keep reading to learn more about how to keep your pets happy, calm, and most importantly safe during Independence Day celebrations and beyond.

Tips for A Calm Celebration

While there are strategies to keep your pets safe during the holiday weekend, the real challenge lies in keeping your dogs and cats calm and stress-free.

  • Create a safe space where your pet can relax away from the noise and busy environment, especially if you are hosting a party. A safe space can be a small bathroom, a bedroom, or a laundry room.
    • Include items like their food and water bowls, litter box, favorite toys, bed, crate, and blanket.
    • Ensure windows are closed and the room is well-ventilated with air conditioning.
  • If the weather allows, exercise your pet in the early morning hours when it’s cool outside to drain some energy. In the afternoon, before any celebrations get underway, exercise your pet’s mind and body with an indoor obstacle course or puzzle feeder.
  • Drown out the noise of fireworks with a white noise machine or relaxing music.
  • Opt to stay home with your pet instead of going to a fireworks show to minimize separation anxiety.

Talk to Your Veterinarian About Medication 

If your pet has extreme anxiety and you think they would do better on medication, talk to your primary care veterinarian well in advance of any stressful event. The earlier you address the issue with your veterinary team, the quicker you’ll have a reliable solution when environmental stressors pop up. You’ll also have enough time to address any side effects and dosage options well before the fireworks start bursting in the night sky.

You’ve Come to The Right Place

Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia and our sister hospital Animal Emergency Hospital DeLand are modern, 24-hour emergency hospitals dedicated to helping pets and their families.

Both locations (Ormond Beach and DeLand) will be open on Thursday, July 4th to handle pet-related emergencies and urgent matters. If your pet is having a medical emergency, please call our team at 386-252-0206.

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