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AEHV Sponsors Mission to Fly Sick Mother and Puppies to Tampa Area Rescue

We recently had the chance to sponsor our first Pilots N Paws rescue flight of 2021. Our consulting veterinarian, Dr. Luiz Bolfer, piloted a flight with some very precious cargo: a mother dog and her three puppies. They were first under the care of Florence Lauderdale Animal Services in Alabama, but the shelter was full and could not take them in. A foster family was located to take care of the mother and pups, who were just newborns at the time.

The foster family reached out to Florida All Retriever Rescue (FARR) in the Tampa area, who agreed to accommodate and take care of the family and help adopt the puppies. They were in bad shape with worms and were losing weight. The mother was also sick. Due to the distance between the involved states, Pilots N Paws was contacted, and the mission was assigned to Dr. Bolfer. They did very well on the flight to Tampa, where the rescue group was waiting for them. They are all with FARR now, receiving veterinary treatment they need, and as soon as they recover, they will be placed for adoption.

We are proud to support these vital rescue missions. The animals we serve and love are the reason we come to work every day, and we are thankful for the chance to help save the lives of all pets in need. 

If you want to learn more about how to support this incredible nonprofit organization, visit

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